Vision & Values

Vision & Values


To continue to build a safe, quality mining and exploration company, focused on creating value for Shareholders.


To generate earning accretive value for our Shareholders through operational effectiveness, growth opportunities and exploration with a prime focus on success to deliver on our targets.


Our strategy is clear – to develop a responsible Company that is attractive to global investors by:

  1. Sustaining critical mass – maintaining gold production from three tier-1 world-class mining production centres
  2. Maintaining a diversified asset base through our portfolio of world-class operating mines
  3. Ensuring our assets have significant mine lives – improving mine lives to greater than ten years through aggressive in-mine and near-mine exploration
  4. Maintaining low cost operations – constantly driving efficiencies and productivity 
  5. Upholding strong financial disciplines – continuing to deliver superior results and maintaining our track record of paying fully-franked dividends to Shareholders

Core Values

The culture at Northern Star is one of a shared vision, purpose and teamwork.

We believe that diversity is essential to our success and ensure an equal opportunity employment environment.

To work at Northern Star, you must commit to the following:

  1. undertake every task in a safe and responsible manner
  2. work together to achieve desired results
  3. be accountable for our actions and their consequences
  4. treat each other with respect and dignity
  5. respect the law and act accordingly
  6. be fair, transparent and honest in our dealings
  7. strive to achieve beneficial outcomes for our people and the communities in which we operate
  8. use the Environment and Northern Star property responsibly
  9. deliver on expected outcome
  10. These actions are encapsulated in the STARR Core Values: